Project management platform SaaS & software businesses use to build the features customers want.

What is ProjectBullet?

ProjectBullet is a project management platform that helps you spend less time in project planning meetings and more time building your product.

Calculate what feature to build next

Stop building software that lacks direction and has little impact to customers. Focus your time on the features that will reduce customer churn and increase revenue.

Automated Sprint Planning

Allow ProjectBullet to suggest sprints based on your teams current priorities. Spend more time building than planning your features.

Visualize your team’s progress

Use Kanban boards to track the status of each story, Velocity and Burndown Charts to analyse performance. ProjectBullet helps you track and monitor from every angle.

When would I use it?

If you're building a SaaS business or work with on going software projects, you need to be organised and know what to build next..

How do I start?

ProjectBullet will be available early 2020. Enter your email to receive important updates in your inbox.

How much will it cost?

$49/month all-inclusive, no per-user fees.